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You are close to your clients and have identified their cash management issues…

Through your mutual trust, you want to bring them a genuine PLUS while continuing to support them…

You want to take advantage of the recognised expertise of a business that has 16 years of experience…

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ERP- Energy Resource Partners

Omatayo AYODELE – ERP MS – was previously a cash manager for TOTAL, with whom PATH FINANCE was standardising banks in 2001.
It was even on his desk that our PF128 format saw the light!
ERP- Energy Resource Partners – Lagos supplies cash management solutions.

Sydeem Girafe

secure cash management, bank flow and consolidated reporting solutions. We are committed to providing you with a quality service using products adapted to your needs.



La Financière des Affaires – Cotonou – its objective is to support SMEs and major groups throughout the enterprise lifecycle, from creation through growth and difficult times.

JMC consulting

The professional experience from the whole JMC consulting staff allow them to support companies for the optimization of the financial fees by an optimal management of their cash flows, the choice of the financing suited to their needs, the understanding and the control of the banking invoicings.