ORANGE Côte d’Ivoire is the leader for mobile phones, landlines and internet in Ivory Coast.

In 2003, PATH FINANCE was awarded the project to reorganize ORANGE Côte d’Ivoire’s Financial Department.

Technically, the project was managed with the local Sage partner, so that they could manage the Sage software installation and maintenance-related technical issues, the DBMS tools (SQL database), and the different Windows servers needed for their deployment.

This distribution of roles made it possible to manage technical support issues while requiring a strong need for project management support.

Functionally, the operational teams’ Business training, the awareness-raising of the department managers (Procurement, Sales, HR, Technical) relative to the impact their decisions have on the Finance department, as well as those of the Executive Committee, met the need to reposition the Finance department at the center of the business’s information circuit.

MAJOR STAKES: helping to completely reorganize the Finance department.

THE REASON: the disparity in cash management solutions and of the manual management of specific software, increased by very unequal business levels.

  • high financial costs,
  • difficulties in providing the head office with consistent reporting.
  • audit of the existing situation,
  • flow and internal procedure analysis,
  • recommendation and deployment of cash management and reconciliation software,
  • implementation of interface procedures,
  • seminar to raise the awareness of heads of departments and of the executive committee.
  • an audit of the company, both of its internal organization (software used) and of its relationship with the local banks,
  • the analysis of each bank’s telematics capacities, the deployment of the automatic standardization converters and correctors for the received statements,
  • the deployment of the Sage Tréso 1000 software,
  • a training and support program at all management levels to raise the awareness of all actors of the role and place of the Treasurer in the company.
  • a fully reorganized Finance department,
  • deploying the necessary checks step by step,
  • forecast cash management interfaced with the other business departments.