CARLSON WAGON LIT (Accor Group) is a Carlson Wagonlit group structure and targets businesses that want to organize leisure” or “business” trips.

We have coordinated and deployed MULTIPATH & Episoft, on this project which began in 2003.
This was a major hosting mode project.

THE STAKES: 1750,000 bank and accounting suspense accounts; 350 branches; a requirement to manage statements from American Express, Diners, Crédit Mutuel (the credited amount is global and net of costs).


  • no bank reconciliation system making it possible to isolate flows per branch,
  • no possibility of managing bank card statements using the software, nor of customizing sufficiently accurate reconciliation criteria.
  • audit,
  • installation,
  • configuration,
  • deployment of bank reconciliation software.
THE RESULT : detailed bank and accounting flows, per branch, and of which the configuration and strict reconciliation criteria guarantee the high rate of automatic reconciliations.