pf-boutons-couleur-16  A business specialist

As financial software integration specialists, we have developed partnerships with different publishers. We put this versatility at the service of our clients to help them choose the solution the best suited to their needs.

pf-boutons-couleur-12  Project management expert

Deploying cash management software for a client that has 120 subsidiaries in 40 countries at a continental level has been an opportunity for us to experience multi-cultural, multi-skill and multi-project situations, all at the same time! These projects which are usually managed in direct mode, mainly cover the following activities: cash management, financial management, accounting reconciliation.

pf-boutons-couleur-20  Subcontracting

Over the past few years, we have been developing a subcontracting activity for those of our partners who are short of resources in this sector of activity.

  • Our team of experts takes charge of guaranteeing the implementation of their solution, supporting the deployment, whether locally or internationally, and monitoring their progress.
  • We consider that quality of service and client and user feedback are very important to us, especially during the audit, training and post-deployment support phases, as well as in our partnership management.

Pronounced characteristics…

Take THE time

In contexts that are always strict in terms of deadlines and targets, we have chosen to prefer a work rhythm that respects people as an essential part of project success. Our teams are free to adapt to yours, including your operational and organisational specificities, and, of course, the related territorial constraints.

Our objective is to guarantee genuine functional/business/field skill transfers.

Independent, yes we are!

Our independence from publishers is the guarantee of our integrity when we are called upon to succeed the projects we are awarded.

This choice was also the reason behind our decision to develop solutions for identified issues internally: automated bank statement collection and their re-qualification, to offer a unique solution:
MULTIPATH is standardised banks, 61,000 requalification rules, a requalification rate close to 99%……