The African specificity of a 100% international business:

Yes, the majority of our clients are in Africa, and for some of the big players,

Yes, we are developing a partner network in situ, with which we try to share more than just contracts and business: we spend as much time as possible together and build a genuine relationship

Yes, we have been criss-crossing this continent for almost 20 years now, covering over 40 French and English-speaking countries, in working conditions that have changed extraordinarily.

It’s true that, for our historic clients, we have managed up to 120 subsidiaries at the same time,

It’s true that we have been faced with a high number of situations and multiple work environments,

It’s true that we are lucky enough to have always worked with the same businesses for all those years and that we are regularly in contact, always in good conditions.

Thanks to all that, we have developed a genuine project management expertise and a methodology that work as well for major groups as for local structures, in other countries or on other continents. You will have free access to this experience on our web site, especially using the Cases Studies.

But our African specificity also, and maybe even above all, comes from the fact that we are passionate, because this business is ours, because we show our clients what we are, and because we love our jobs.

And we love and are happy in rainy seasons, dry seasons, with seaside “alocos”, with grilled fish in the Douala brush, skewers in the Marcory district, Yassa chicken, braai, Regabs, Castels, Flags … and Gnamankou! power cuts, air conditioning that’s too cold, air conditioners that drip…

Today, our expertise is appreciated and recognised by unquestionably African players, and we are proud of it.
Since then, our project management methodology and know-how, and our MULTIPATH software have convinced players, who are more international and local than African, allowing us to open up the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Asia and currently America, because bad quality bank statements have no borders!

Thanks to our African expertise already proven by our past professional experience, PATH FINANCE led its first major project for TOTAL in 2001, deploying the XRT line in 40 countries over 8 months.
This experience was the opportunity to discover new African countries, meet their main banking players, and start the bank statement standardisation process which has now become our specificity – MULTIPATH.

These contacts enhanced and refined our methodology: when you have 40 countries, there are 40 subsidiaries, as many audits, as many teams and internal organisations, and as many banking practices.
Beginning in 2004, this experience was followed by the development of CFAO: over a period of 4 years, PATH FINANCE criss-crossed French and English-speaking Africa again, covering 35 countries and 120 group subsidiaries. It was possible to confirm the standardised work method we had already used for the TOTAL project to the banks, and explain it to the new banks.

Meeting the teams in each subsidiary was an opportunity to examine different cases, thereby consolidating our already rich field experience.
And then came Orange Ivory Coast, Optorg/Tractafric, Tarkett, Eneo, Necotrans, Ponticelli, Rougier, Vinci, Castel Groupe…

PATH FINANCE had become 100% international.