In 2011, PATH FINANCE suggested to OPTORG, which was already a Kyriba user at its French headquarters, to extend its use to its 30 African subsidiaries and to coordinate the project using its now proven methodology.

OPTORG accepted and selected the Kyriba configuration logic proposed by PATH FINANCE as a replacement for the existing configuration logic.

The PATH FINANCE teams reconfigured the companies, banks, branches and accounts, and deployed the African subsidiaries. The various ready-to-use reporting packages made it possible to quickly meet the needs:

  • of the subsidiaries depending on their respective management maturity, from situations in which cash flow was managed by ordinary accountants, to those in which it was managed by experienced financiers,
  • of users based at headquarters who required consolidated analyses.

During this pre-deployment phase, and as the different banking delivery services were rolled out, the bank statements are input into the Kyriba platform, but without any controlled frequency.


During the deployment phase, OPTORG awarded PATH FINANCE the daily monitoring of the Kyriba database on its new African scope. The objective was twofold:

  • to make sure that file deliveries were regular and maintained account balance continuity,
  • to simplify skill transfer to the end users for the roll-out to production by delivering them:
    • a familiar environment: end users working on their own data and not on unrepresentative sets of test data,
    • an up to date database:
      • immediate use of the software,
      • on the day’s operations, there was no need to juggle around, thereby avoiding having to manage the cash flow in another environment while waiting for the new solution to be operational.

Training was given directly on the new tools, providing maximum efficiency and taking a minimum of the teams’ time.